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DIY Solar Energy System

DIY Solar Energy System
DIY Solar Energy Saving System

This DIY Solar Energy System comprises of:

DIY Solar Energy System ; 100W Solar Panel, 102Amp Deep Cycle battery and a combined Solar Charger and Inverter. Once fully charged, with this system, you are able to power, eg: 100W Flat Screen TV and decoder or a laptop, radio and lights or desktop computer and charge cellphones.  The unit is very user friendly and easy to install. You would place your solar panel in direct sunlight. Connect the panel to the solar charger inverter and then to the battery. The solar charger inverter protects the battery from overcharging. From the solar charger inverter is where you would draw the power, either 12V or 220V. If you would like permanent usage, do not connect too many devices simultaneously. The solar panel is completely waterproof. Once installed, not much maintenance is required. This Solar Energy System is perfect for a variety of reasons. City slickers will have access to the internet and lights. People in rural areas need never worry about candles as you would have permanent access to lights and power. For those adventure and thrill seeking people, you would be able to travel as far away from civilization as you choose. You would have power at your fingertips.

It truly is a great investment.

A once off purchase guarantees you need not rely on your electricity supplier. Also giving you freedom of movement, not to mention the eco friendliness of the product. Solar power systems is a true feel good product. We minimize our carbon footprint on this planet, whose resources are being maximized. Starting with this basic system, later, when its in your budget, you can add more panels. You will also need to add solar charger inverter and batteries. You would eventually be completely off grid. To many people this system seems complicated. It’s not, it’s really is quite simple.To get this DIY Solar Energy System please go to